Neuberger Berman Trust- Conflicts of Interest

Proskauer Rose LLP is a Mega Size, High Overhead, Wall Street Law Firm that depends on Goldman Sachs for billings.  It is the last in a long line of similar law firms that have played a role in seeing that Goldman Sachs is not held accountable for  being instrumental  in the destruction of the life of My Mother Lillian Glasser. Proskauer Rose LLP, like the Firm of Drinker Biddle before it, protected Goldman Sachs, while billing against Lillian Glasser family assets.

Neuberger Berman Trust, through Counsel Proskauer Rose LLP,   helped shield Goldman Sachs from accountability for the  Elder Abuse Crimes of Goldman Sachs against my mother Lillian Glasser. Neuberger Berman Trust withheld  money it owed me. Neuberger Berman would not disburse the funds I was due unitl I agreed to drop Lillian Glasser's claim against Goldman Sachs and release Neuberger Berman and Proskauer Rose from any claims I might have stemming from conflicts of interest.  Joseph F. Collins III, Chief Fiduciary Officer, and Diane E. Lederman Esq., President  of Neuberger Berman Trust , in essence, settled the claim against Goldman Sachs with my own money. Neuberger Berman Trust Company engaged Goldman Sachs attorney Proskauer Rose LLP.

On March 5, 2014 Jonathan Galler Esq. of Proskauer Rose LLP, on behalf of Neuberger Berman wrote:

“At this time, even prior to finalizing these accountings, Neuberger feels that it may be in a position to make another distribution on 

account of the remainder share in the estate, "but only if it is satisfied that it will not be faced with additional litigation expenses regarding the potential Goldman Sachs claim that Mark has raised."  (excerpt)  

"Again, however, neuberger is comfortable making the proposed distribution at this time only if it is satisfied that it will not be faced with additional litigation expenses arising out of Mark's assertions regarding a potential Goldman Sachs claim." (excerpt)

Joseph F. Collins III, Chief Fiduciary Officer of Neuberger Berman Trust Company has insisted that I drop Lillian Glasser's claim against Goldman Sachs, and in effect accept my own money in settlement. I wonder to whom Joseph F. Collins III envisions that he owes his fiduciary duty : Goldman Sachs or Neuberger Berman Trust or himself?

Why didn’t  George D. Karibjanian Esq., lead counsel for Proskauer Rose LLP, notify The Honorable Judge David French, in  Probate Court in Palm Beach County FL., of its conflicts with Goldman Sachs? How can Proskauer Rose justify its huge legal fees in view of the conflicts with its former senior partner, Neuberger Berman Trust President Diane E. Lederman, and with Goldman Sachs?   Diane E. Lederman, became emotional, and shrieked that I was making accusations when I raised the issue of her conflict with Proskauer Rose in a phone conversation. Neuberger Berman Chairman and CEO George Herbert Walker IV is also conflicted with Goldman Sachs. He is a former Goldman Sachs partner, managing director and major stockholder.  It would have been absurd to ask the court  to let Neuberger Berman or Proskauer Rose LLP investigate Goldman Sachs  for its betrayal of  Lillian Glasser.  ​ 

The actions and inactions of Neuberger Berman Trust in protecting Goldman Sachs from accountability for the Elder Abuse Crimes of Goldman Sachs are indicative of the indifference of Wall Street to Elder Abuse and Financial Elder Abuse.  Neuberger Berman Trust Officers, Joseph F. Collins III and Diane E. Lederman Esq. were instrumental in protecting Goldman Sachs. 

The “New Ethics” at Neuberger Berman Trust are not the ethics promulgated by Roy Neuberger at the Original Neuberger Berman.

In Wall Street’s eyes, Neuberger Berman Trust's conflicts with Goldman Sachs and Proskauer Rose appear acceptable.  Main Street may find these conflicts and ethical lapses shocking.

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