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Kickbacks and Conflicts:  See Neuberger Berman Trust "Kickback Policy" on display. 

Breach of Fiduciary Duty- Conflicts- Elder Abuse-Neuberger Berman 

Thank you for visiting my page.  The documents and explanations you will find are intended to expose the possible perils of trusting  Neuberger Berman.

Mark Glasser, advocate for reform to protect senior citizens, son of elder abuse victim Lillian Glasser.

Which Neuberger Berman?

The old original Neuberger Berman Trust went bankrupt as part of Lehman Brothers.  

Misleading Intent with Other People's Money.  Mine or Yours?

Why did Neuberger Berman Trust Chief Fiduciary Officer Joseph F. Collins III furnish me with the evidence I am able to present on this site?  Neuberger Berman Trust Company expects to be backstopped, and to have its actions and its attorney billings rubber-stamped in the darkest underbelly of the American System of Justice, The Probate Court.  Our probate courts are havens for parasites and predators of all stripes. Attorneys, Guardians, Care Managers, Financial Institutions and Trustees with the least bit of sophistication expect to have a home in probate court in any state of the Union. However, there is a trend in Florida for reform and oversight, and it is my hope that Neuberger Berman Trust may find it has overstepped. 
The Untouchable Neuberger Berman Trust 
This Website exposes and documents the perverse machinations that emanate from the Fiduciary Mindset of Neuberger Berman Trust Company. Look for indisputable conflicts of interest, misleading account statements, and the instrument by which Neuberger Berman Trust Company seeks to have its fiduciary duties waived. This instrument states that Neuberger Berman Trust Company is able to accept kickbacks of all nature, in addition to its fees, and to engage in all manner of high risk financial instruments. Joseph F. Collins III, Chief Fiduciary Officer of Neuberger Berman Trust, pressured me to sign this document. 
From my experience with The Elder Abuse Crimes of Goldman Sachs, trying to save my Mother Lillian Glasser when she was alive, and from my time as an advocate for reform, I speak with authority.
Lillian Glasser has passed. Though the Neuberger Berman Trust Company was not involved in her elder abuse, its probate court authorized role, enabled it to assist or hinder, the matter of having Lillian Glasser's claim against Goldman Sachs considered an asset of the estate.  Neuberger Berman Trust is conflicted with Goldman Sachs through its attorney Proskauer Rose LLP and through its CEO, George Herbert Walker IV. Neuberger Berman Trust Company Officers, Diane E. Lederman Esq., President, and Joseph F. Collins III, Chief Fiduciary Officer, refused to recognize or pursue the Lillian Glasser elder abuse claim against Goldman Sachs. 
The destruction wreaked on our senior citizens and their families through the power of guardianships and their aftermaths is cosmic and sad. Someday, just as domestic abuse and child abuse and substance abuse have entered the National Conscience, Elder Abuse and Probate Court Abuse may be recognized, addressed and remedied.   That will not happen on Neuberger Berman’s watch. Under the fiduciary stewardship of Diane E. Lederman Esq. and Joseph F. Collins III, Neuberger Berman Trust has been an obstacle on the road to reform to protect the elderly. 
The financial excesses and abuses covered in this website pale when compared to the real horrors of probate courts. It is to Probate Court that older Americans are taken to be stripped of their sacred constitutional rights, their dignity and their possessions.