I have the spirit and the mindset of a farmer - a butterfly farmer. I have been forced out of retirement, first to fight against elder abuse to try to save my Mother, and later compelled to advocate for reform to protect our elderly. See: Lillian Glasser - Goldman Sachs - Fraudulent Conversion of Assets & Elder Abuse. I have testified before the House Subcommittee on Crime. I testified at a listening session for family members of victims of guardianship abuse and elder abuse on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. I have struggled to protect the family legacy from Neuberger Berman.

My remaining time, energy, and resources are largely devoted to butterfly farming, and helping schools construct butterfly gardens.  I am currently donating plants and offering expertise to 8 public schools in Miami Dade County and one private school for children with autism.

My efforts facilitate habitat restoration in my community, Homestead and North Hialeah. I help provide habitat for rare butterflies as well as hundreds of different types of insects, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.
My team-related efforts are intended to help facilitate a paradigm shift from indoor focused life to outdoor focused life, with concern for protecting the environment. Butterflies appear to be a key to winning the hearts and minds of our children and help motivate them to incorporate nature and a hands-on love of the environment into their lives.
When Neuberger Berman acts in a predatory or improper way toward me, it impacts the work I am trying to accomplish and the children I am trying to help, much as it impacts my personal life. I am a member of Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, The Florida Native Plant Society, The Tropical Flowering Tree Society, The North American Butterfly Association, and a supporter of the Institute of Regional Conservation. 
P. S. Frequently I encounter wasps who burrow into the chrysalis constructed by a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.  These wasps slowly suck out the life of the forming butterfly, just as lawyers and guardians suck out the life of our elderly under the auspices of probate courts.

Mark Glasser, advocate for reform to protect senior citizens;  son of  elder abuse victim Lillian Glasser

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